Italian Wedding photographer of the year 2016 – 5°place

ANFM is our Italian association of wedding photography and I’m in from 4 years. 4 years of comparison, growth, collaborations, new incentives and friendships, new projects and ideas. The contest “photographer of the year” is composed by 4 annual contest and photographers can partecipate both with photos of 2016 than 2015. I’ve changed a lot during last years and my photography with me so I decided to compete just with 2016 photos to express my closest photography. I am very proud to announce that even if I’ve limited my challenge I got the 5°place between all italians wedding photographers!Here under you can see the awarded pictures, I consider the first one as my self-portrait of the year. Thanks everyone who is close to me!


Here under you can find an  editing experiment I want to show about a wedding story. This is not a classic description of how a wedding day was, this is an imaginary story of the the bride’s wedding day dream during the getting ready.  The getting ready is a moment of waiting where the bride shakes and dream and imagines moments and symbols of the day that go with the couple for all their life!All images are taken during the reportage of the wedding day.