Destination wedding photographer in Malibù, California, USA

Simply Karl and Lisa.

Two years ago I was their engagement photographer in Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy (see here). 

Last September I was their destination wedding photographer in Malibù, California, USA.

Now we are friends. Forever.


It is impressive how people can feel good together even if they don’t know each other but they share the same aims and lifestyle. Since the first time I met Karl and Lisa we got along brilliantly; we laughed, talked and were sweet to each other. We worked so well together and I enjoyed their company so very much. By asking me to be their wedding photographer in Malibù, Karl and Lisa didn’t just ask me to be their love-witness once again; they also allowed me to have that great experience that I call ‘journey’ and I am ever so grateful to them for believing in me and having asked me to fly to them.


To me travelling is a blessing: having the chance to see the world and get to know different cultures is a fortune; to feel all of this as a fortune is a fortune in itself; having met Karl and Lisa is a fortune. Mixing up my personal life and my job represents to me the only possible way of engaging with my profession as it goes beyond what is generally called “job”: thus it becomes my way of living. I shall be grateful to Karl and Lisa for all my life.


Now please, take a moment to have a look at the pictures of these two dudes; they even had the Chinese wedding tea ceremony because of their asian origins and they got married on that terrific location that is Malibù Hills, at the Saddlerock Ranch; a little corner of paradise offering excellent food and wines!


I was not alone to take their shots; as it happens, I needed a great second photographer and was lucky enough to have the aid of Chio Garcia from Mexico! Ryan Pettey of Satellite Wedding was the videographer and we were a great team together!