Wedding photographer in Lampedusa, Sicily

I feel very honoured to be the only wedding photographer in Lampedusa till now for destination wedding in Lampedusa.


Lampedusa is the southernmost point of the Republic of Italy. It is also Italy’s southernmost island. Lampedusa is part of Italy, but geologically it belongs to Africa since the sea between the two is no deeper than 120 metres. It is a semi-arid island, dominated by a garigue landscape, with maquis shrubland in the west. It has no sources of water other than irregular rainfall. Overall the island has two slopes, from west to east, and from north to south of the island. The south-western side is dominated by deep gorges, while the southeastern part is dominated by shallow valleys and sandy beaches. The entire northern coast is dominated by cliffs: gently sloping cliffs on the east coast, and vertical sheer cliffs on the west coast.


I first want to let you learn more about the isle because every place is special and link people for its charme and features.


The coast is 26km and has a wide variety of natural landscapes, ranging from white beaches to picturesque rocky shores and of course a beautiful blue sea where you can snorkel. The visibility is very deep so it is easy to admire one of the largest underwater biodiversity that the mediterranean sea offers.In the southwest part of Lampedusa, there is the rabbit beach, one of the most beautiful beach in the world that has nothing less of the Caribbean ones. The beach, reachable on foot, is bathed by a sea of ​​spectacular color tones ranging from green to blue. The sand is white and finer and water is always warm. In front of the beach there is the tiny Island of Rabbits, which can be reached on foot with low tide or walking on the water. In this protected area the Caretta turtles lay their eggs.


Its population subsists on fishing, agriculture and tourism. It is a major route for Africans immigrating to Europe and it is badly renowned for this issue and not well discovered as a paradise of nature and peaceful-genuine place where to leave your stressful day life.

Maybe it’s a blessing that it is not well known otherwise during the years it can became too much popular. Anyway who decide to visit it feel like a privileged, hosted in warm arms.


5 years ago Beatrice and Gianluca (from Marche region in the centre of Italy) travelled to Lampedusa and got in love with this place: they decided that if one day they would get married they would do it here. That day arrived and they planned their wedding in Lampedusa with all the complications to organise a destination wedding on an italian isle.


Lampedusa is a little secret.

Lampedusa is a blessing.

Lampedusa is a gift.


I am grateful to the couple who chose me to tell their wonderful story, a straight reportage of their amazing wedding day! I feel honoured when people let me travel to capture their emotions and feeling. This was my second time in Lampedusa to shoot a wedding and surely my passion and experience on the isle linked the couple to me.


Have a look to how the wedding was and here under you can also find a link to a national newspaper’s article about this wedding: _Click here


Here under I want to mention the vendors who helped this day to be great:

Church: Santuario Beata Vergine Maria di Porto Salvo
Reception: Borgo Cala Creta
Musicians: Max Gazzaruso & Swing Fratis
Graphic and details: Sokio Design Studio di Diana Eugeni
Carhiring: DAG