“Photography is an immediate action, drawing an act of meditation” H.C.Bresson




I am a dreamer… both by night and day. I believe in connections and magic between people and  my motto is “One thing leads to another”. I love to travel, especially the adventure of going alone. I have a taste for design and modern art. I love antique and flea markets, and if there is one nearby you can probably find me looking for some coffee spoons! I love them and have a collection of all different kinds in my kitchen. For my whimsy side: I love jugglers and have a swing in my living room. And finally, I love Italy, but most especially the island of Sicily and my native Tuscany. Our hills and sunsets are incredibly breathtaking.



To me, photography is a way to discover the world, to draw closer to those things that fascinate me. To exchange energy with the people and things that are in from of me. To know them better.  And finally… to “capture” that moment in time. I love taking pictures of people because people are the most interesting show of all to see! Life, and the people living it, are made of inspired moments and situations and I hunt to capture the most interesting ones. Wedding photography lends me the opportunity to see and preserve once in a lifetime moments during a beautiful day in people’s lives. It allows me to feel their emotions, their gestures, their spontaneity. I love to capture all those overlooked details and in-between magic moments most photographers miss that the couples and their loved ones create. I especially love people who are authentic, who are not ashamed to be themselves and really display their feelings — tears and laughter, sadness and happiness. The most beautiful thing in the world is simplicity! Why complicate your life by trying to acting like someone else?  Photography is the only thing that is able to save these raw moments in time forever.



I’ve always had many interests and hobbies, and during my years of self exploration I have discovered that creativity is my way of understanding our world! I first studied languages with an eagerness to discover new cultures and traveling. Then, at University, I studied design with total fascination of the spaces and objects that surround us. These spaces and objects talk to us, and I wanted to have a voice into the design and arrangement of them. Quickly I realized the importance of single objects and details, instead of the large industrial production, and this lead to my involvement in handcraft design. I gave importance to every single handcrafted object, using secondhand items to create my new projects as well. This led me on a more romantic path, one marked with nostalgia and time,  and with a more philosophical and anthropological mood. During this time, photography was a a parallel passion that I was cultivating by myself and was just another artistic way to see the world. While at a meeting with other photographers, a wedding photographer (Daniele Vertellli) saw my work and asked to do a collaboration in his business. I had never done anything even remotely similar, but my curiosity and love of a good challenge took over and I immediately accepted — the most beautiful things are born from chance!  From that day forward we worked together for 2 years. I kept working both in photography and design, however, due to its ability to resume a life  my involvement with photography grew stronger and stronger.  As Henri Cartier-Bresson  said, “Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is an act of meditation.” 



2019- Bodaf 2019 European New Talent -Winner (link)
2019- First Place in the WPPI Honors of Excellence Awards for Album Division – Wedding Single Photographer (link)
2019- Second Place in the Album Division ANFM contest
2017+2018- I took a stop from awards and competition to dedicate time to travels and photography
2016- 5°place photographer of the year ANFM
2016- Top 20 WPJA
2016- Top 100 ISPWP
2015- 8° place photographer of the year ANFM
2015- Top 100 WPJA
2015/2014- Top 100 Fearless Photographers
2014- Top 25 WPJA

In addition, I have been awarded photos on the main wedding photography international association such as: ISPWP, ANFM, WPJA, AGWPJA Fearless Photographers.

I have been published on Wedding Wonderland, Looks Like Film, Junebug weddings, LaBride Magazine, Smashing the blog.

Starting in 2018, I will take a hiatus from photography competitions to dedication more time and energy to my clients and work as well as investing in education and research in the field of photography — the key to becoming a better photographer for myself and future clients!


I LOVE to travel! I will be glad to go wherever you want to tell your love story.

So far, I have shot weddings in California, New York, Germany, UK, Lampedusa, Malta, Sapri, Rome, Puglia, Marche, Bologna, Cinque Terre, Genoa, Piedmont, Trentino Alto Adige, Lake Como, and of course all around my beloved Tuscany.