New York intimate engagement photography, brides to be

This is a different kind of engagement photo shoot in New York. It’s photography at its most surreal. 


While living in New York for the first few months of 2018, I met Risa and Anna, who are getting married in Tuscany in September. It was such a pleasure to meet them in their wonderful home in New York – Chelsea specifically – where I got to learn about and spend some time with them. I love creating relationships with clients and spending time eating, drinking, laughing, crying. I’m able to get a bit closer to their world as they share with me their deepest secrets. 


Fostering friendships is very important in the development of my photography. It allows me to see people and moments differently; now, I’m able to make connections between what I know and what I see while with them. 


I feel lucky to have met Risa and Anna. They allowed me to enter their lovely and intimate space, and in turn I was able to create something special for them. It was just the two of them and their two beloved puppies. Through my photos, you won’t see how upscale their apartment was, how well-dressed they were or how colorful their walls were. Rather, you’ll see the essence of two souls coulescing in a black, deep sea of love, composed of intimate gestures and symbols.