Sunset proposal in Tuscany, magic in San Galgano Abbey

Today I just want to share the words from a couple whose sunset surprise proposal I shot in Tuscany, in the Abbey of San Galgano, and their feelings about it. Sometimes words from me are not needed because it’s all about photography and how it cuddles me. When I really feel that a couple strongly believes in me, I let their emotions pervade me, cuddle me and result in great photography.


For this time all the story is black and white, because “Nostalgia is black and white


Dear Beatrice,

We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful photos! We each wrote something about our experience. Thank you again and again!


“I can’t say enough how incredible Beatrice is both her photography talent and her personality.
We met under interesting circumstances as I had a little different information on why she was there and why I was there since it was a surprise. My boyfriend was proposing that day at San Galgano Abbey and wanted to capture it since we aren’t always so good at taking enough pictures together. I found out after his amazing proposal that she is an incredible wedding photographer. When we started the session she had us take advantage of the setting sun and light all over the abbey. I was unsure of how the photos would look but when she showed us one on her camera, I was blown away and knew she was extremely talented. She was so good at directing us, we never felt awkward or unsure of what we should be doing. She guided us the whole way. Looking back on our session, I am so impressed by how she could see her vision before taking the pictures. She could tell us right where to stand or be because she knew how it would turn out. She has true talent and vision. Anyone who takes photos with her will be truly lucky. I don’t think anyone would have been able to take pictures of these moments as well as she did. I look at them several times a day with a huge smile on my face because I am so beyond happy with the pictures and the experience. I get emotional every time I see them because she did such an amazing job at capturing the happiest moment of my life. I can’t thank her enough and wish she could be there for every big moment in our lives. Thank you SO much, Beatrice!!!  – Becky Saucier” 


“My goal was to make the proposal something we can remember forever. Bea captured our emotions and love beautifully with her photography.  She made us feel very comfortable in front of the camera, and encouraged us to be ourselves.  I am so impressed with her artistic eye to frame the perfect photo, and use natural light.  We glided through the enchanted grounds of San Galgano, dancing and kissing as Bea found the best places and angles to photograph. Towards the end of the photoshoot, I began to get nervous as I knew the time to propose was soon.  I knew Bea would find the perfect spot for the proposal, and she did!  I pulled out the ring, got down on my knee, and asked Becky to marry me.  It happened so quickly, and my emotions were on high.  I am beyond thankful to have these photographs to remember this once-in-a-lifetime moment. The entire photoshoot felt like a fairytale, and we are so lucky to have had Bea there to capture everything. – Matt Rowe”



Highly recommended to slowly scroll the pictures playing Yann Tiersen