Amazing wedding at Casale del Gallo in Rome

If you are planning a wedding in Rome it’s not an easy job to find out the right venue.

You have to decide if you want to get married in the centre of Rome or in the countryside, using this head quarter to move inside the caos of the Eternal City.

I’ve been shooting a wedding in the city centre and despite the beauty of the architecture and vibes, on the other side everything is complicated and stressful because of the traffic jam and tourists walking around.

When Geraldine wrote me about this venue I was surprised she discovered such a boutique country house, a place located 15 km from the center of Rome.

Casale del Gallo is the perfect retreat while visiting Rome and its breathtaking surroundings with remarkable landscape and vineyards.

This was a romantic and intimate wedding in Rome with few guests, the most remarkable dearest and closest friends.