Best of my wedding photography 2019

Wedding Photographer In Italy, Tuscany, Piedmont, Liguria and Apulia

I am based in Tuscany, in the countryside between Florence and Siena and I mostly work with destination wedding of couples coming from abroad and choosing our amazing country to celebrate their love with family and friends. I mainly work all around Tuscany but I also travel from north to south Italy to tell my couple’s story with my vision. I am glad I can visit and explore more of my country thanks to photography and last year I had the chance to come back to Castello San Sebastiano Pò in Piedmont (to be published), I visit again Apulia and Lecce , both for an engagement shoot (to be published) and a photography workshop and then I came back to my beloved Liguria in Genova, where I lived for 4 years. . Regarding Tuscany I love to have the opportunity to discover more about my region: I already knew Lucca and Villa Buonvisi and last year I could enjoy an untouched countryside area in the hills of Lucca called Valgiano to take photos to a rustic wedding of an amazing couple 


Destination Wedding Photographer in USA, New York

New York loves me!I lived there 3 months in 2018 and my relationship with the place was a bit conflicting: while I loved to be in one of the most multicultural place in the world and have the possibility to “walk” from Israel to south America, on the other side I often felt really alone living in this fast megalopoli. I discovered that it takes time, a lot of time in a place like that, and day by day I started to appreciate the little things, the people, the way the city works and I slowly made friendship with new people and met some clients who got married in Italy the previous years, like Karl and Lisa who had their engagement shooting in Cinque Terre and their destination wedding in Malibù . I started day by day to feel welcome, it’s about people who makes you feel “at home” and let you enjoy the city as an insider. I was lucky the same year to came back to New York for this beautiful wedding in Catskill upstate New York and last year I came back in Christmas time for Jamie and Brian’s wedding (to be published)



Thanks to the many awards I received last years for my photography ( 1st Place WPPI Album Single Photographer 2019, ANFM 2nd place Album Single Photographer 2019, Bodaf New Talent 2019) and thanks to my effort to be a better person and photographer I am having the opportunity to share my vision on wedding photography and I feel really lucky and glad I can learn by teaching others. This life is a process of learning and I can’t wait to learn more and more from life and photography. Here are my next scheduled workshop and conferences (link)





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