Engagement in Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Liguria. From New York

Karl and Lisa is a very sweet asian-american couple from New York

They love travelling, cooking and snowboarding together. Karl wrote me when I was on holiday in Mexico and asked for an engagement photography in Cinque Terre after their days in Emilia Romagna for a cooking class! Before coming to Italy heproposed to Lisa in New York, and she said YES. He had a great and creative idea to propose her: here under I want to share everybody his wonderful idea and the first 3 images tell how it went in New York! Then from the ring’s photo I start telling how I found this two lovely guys together! They are so sweet and lovable that they give me as a gift a bottle of truffle oil and aceto balsamico! I love this couple, their story, their mood, their smiles! Thank you very much guys! A big hug to you!


update: Karl and Lisa got married 2 years later and called me back to be theirdestination wedding photographer in Malibù, California (click here)


Karl’s idea’s tale:
Initially, my idea was to propose when we were on vacation in the Cinque Terre in Vernazza. But that was going to be towards the end of our Italian vacation, and I was worried about losing the ring, or having the airport security find the ring, or having Lisa find the ring during the vacation before I had a chance to propose. So instead of proposing in Italy, I thought it would be safer to propose in New York the week before leaving on our trip, that way we could enjoy our Italian vacation as a newly engaged couple. To make things even better, I arranged for us to having a engagement photo shoot in the 5terre, since we were going to be in such a beautiful place! So that’s how we met Bea!So the story of the proposal is that one of our very first dates was in Brooklyn, but we had never been to the Brooklyn Bridge park together. So for that weekend, we arranged to go to spend the day in Brooklyn and I booked a hotel room so we didn’t have to drive back home after. I secretly arranged for a photographer to take pictures of the proposal. Since it was a nice day, with a beautiful view of the water, so I said to Lisa “let’s take a picture”. I asked a stranger (actually the photographer) to help us take a picture. So beforehand, I got a sign that said “Will You Marry Me”, and the plan was to have the photographer’s girlfriend secretly hold up the sign behind us. He took the picture for us with the sign in the background. (the first picture). Then the plan was to show her the picture to make sure she liked the picture, she would see the sign, and then I would propose. However, when she saw the picture, Lisa didn’t even notice the “Will You Marry Me” sign above her head! So I had to ask her to look at it again!!I had to zoom in on the iphone and then she saw the sign over her head. I pulled out the ring, got down to one knee to propose. The photographer managed to capture the moment in the second picture. Lisa was so surprised she couldn’t stop crying to say yes, I had to ask her again if she would say yes!Third picture the photographer managed to take with the Brooklyn Bridge and the city in the background from the other angle. After that, we took some pictures around the park, then we had dinner at the same restaurant where we had one of our first dates. After that, we went to a bar where I surprised her again by inviting a bunch of our friends to meet to celebrate!