Best of my wedding photography 2018

I love wedding photography because it lets me be close to you in your big day, close to your story and your emotions. My aim is to tell your story through my eyes, my heart and my story. Wedding photography to me, as generally photography, it’s all about a connection between myself and the scene in front of me. It’s always something bilateral to me and this is why I love to get in touch with you before the wedding and get to know you better: during the day I will have a keen eye on you.


This year I had the chance to photograph my best wedding in Rome, Positano, Puglia, Lucca, Siena, Val d’Orcia and I can’t wait to go back taking wedding photographs in Sicily


Wedding in Valdorcia, Tuscany

I will never stop saying that Val d’Orcia is one of my favourite place in the world till now. Luckily I live 1hour far from it and luckily my love is reflected also on my photography so that clients getting marry in Val d’Orcia and feeling my passion and loving my photography engage me again an again. For instance, I shoot three wonderful weddings there this summer: a wedding in Locanda in Tuscany, a wedding in Villa Fontelunga and a Same sex wedding in Pienza, Monticchiello


Wedding Photographer In Positano

I’ve been in Positano for the first time this year and it has been a great experience. Italy is so big and each year I discover a new place thanks to you who needs me to tell your story. Please find the story here


Wedding photographer in New York

I’ve been living in New York in 2018 for 2 month and half. I’ve attended an artistic photography class in ICP, visited the city all around despite the cold, I’ve been photographing two souls under the snow in Brooklyn (link) I’ve walked down the most interesting quarters, visited the best museums, I’ve met old clients who got married in Malibù (link) and new clients getting married in Tuscany: here you can find their engagement photographs in Chelsea (link). Last but not least I sold my first photograph in an art gallery. I’ve met a lot of new friends, two of whom Kendra and Carl who engaged me for their wedding in New York, Catskill, in June (link) They got in love with me and my photography and decided to have me back in NY in June. I love how connection between people overpass distances and oceans. I love how everything in life can become possibile.


Wedding in Masseria in Apulia

Apulia wants me every year!I am very linked to Puglia thanks to my very first travel I made when I was young. I am very linked to all south Italy in general because it reflects my soul better than the north and I’m grateful when people ask me to travel there. Waiting for the new Apulian wedding to be posted, please find the previous one: the wedding in Masseria Borgo Mortella (link)


Enough Talking!

I want you to get in love with my vision and then go and explore all my work. It’s something like ordinary life with people, situations or things:if you get in love with a detail or a feeling that pricks you there’s a will to go closer and closer. It’s as you would have to show just one thing of you to prick the other’s attention, and this will be the key to go and explore more from the other.

I made a selection of my best photographs from 2018, relax for a few minutes and enjoy my photos in a slideshow or singularly.

Music by Max Richter, “The nature of daylight” –  Video made by Emotional Movie